RES works in partnership with Domus Ventilation to provide a full range of market leading mechanical ventilation and heat recovery systems. RES offers a comprehensive design service to installers covering the full Domus range.


Domus Ventilation manufactures market-leading ventilation systems that save energy and improve indoor air quality. Formerly Polypipe Ventilation, the company has been reborn as Domus Ventilation and continues to offer the multi-award winning Domus ducting products and low-energy Silavent ventilation systems that have a strong reputation in the private and social housing markets.


Domus ventilation solutions offer a high quality solution for domestic applications. The brand has a reputation for quality and reliability and the range includes award winning, high performing and energy efficient mechanical extract ventilation appliances and fans. These are suitable for a wide variety of domestic applications and dwelling sizes.

Mechanical Ventilation With Heat Recovery (MVHR)
Continuous supply and extract ventilation incorporating heat recovery – for whole house applications and ideal for new builds. When specifying or installing a ventilation system, consideration must be given to the total floor area, national Building Regulations, air permeability, occupancy levels, installation standards and ease of user operation and maintenance.
Select the most optimum system for the property and ensure the appliance’s performance is maximised by installing the most suitable Domus duct system.

Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV)
MEV is a continuous, effective and efficient means of maintaining indoor air quality. Referred to as System 3 in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations, the CMX MEV consists of a centralised ventilation unit that continuously extracts waste, polluted and moist air from wet rooms and can be discreetly positioned in either a cupboard, utility room, ceiling or loft space.

Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (dMEV)
The highly efficient Domus dMEV range offers continuous low level ventilation to a single wet room, coupled with virtually silent operation. Also known as System 3 in Approved Document F of the Building Regulations, dMEV systems incorporate continuously running extract fans, designed to remove waste and moist air from a single wet room. dMEV fans continuously extract the waste air at both low trickle or boost speeds through a range of control options. Replacement fresh air is then drawn into the dwelling via background ventilators located in the habitable rooms.

Extract In-Line, Axial and Centrifugal Fans
In new energy efficient houses, greater levels of air tightness lead to poor indoor air quality, condensation damage and mould growth. To combat these issues, a range of ventilation solutions is available which comply with current Building Regulation requirements and are suitable for a wide variety of dwelling types.

Available in a variety of fascia options, the fan range offers quality, reliability and ease of installation. Intermittent Fans are ideal replacement fans offering intermittent extract ventilation for a single wet room. Domus Extract fans remove condensation and moist air from a wet room and include options ideal for new build and refurbishment applications. New Sapphire fans are stylishly designed to complement internal décor schemes and offer extremely quiet performance.

House Packs
Suitable for multi-floor, single-floor and apartment configurations, Domus Radial pre-selected house packs are the first over-the-counter full ventilation system offering available. Ideal for self-build and simple developments as well as refurbishment projects, they offer quick and easy installation and specification, elimination of noise and simple design layout.


The D SERIES offers a wide range of multipurpose wall, window, ceiling and roof ventilation systems which can be used to both extract and supply from a commercial dwelling. /the series includes both fan kits and individual parts to suit all application requirements from new build, to refurbishment and replacement.

There is also a range of remote and integral sensors using PIR, Run-On Timer and Humidity technology to ensure the systems run efficiently, with little to no user interaction required. The DX-CON remote controller allows any DX fan to vary between supply and extract, and can control up to five 6 or 9 inch fans, and two 12 inch fans.


Domus High Rise Outlet Kits are ideal for installation where fitting an outlet from the outside is problematic or impossible. These products are typically used with fans (Intermittent Extract applications).

Tumble Dryer Extraction Kits are an easy to install solution and include a variety of terminal and colour options. For ease of installation and with the home owner in mind, Domus Cooker Hood Extraction Kits consist of rectangular ducting, allowing them to be concealed when installed above kitchen cabinets.

For use with Intermittent Extract (Fans) and Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV), Domus Background Ventilator Kits provide replacement air to help maintain healthy, indoor air quality and avoid draughts.

Rectangular and Round Thermal Ducting Domus Thermal rectangular and round ducting are unique and patented duct insulation systems, designed specifically to radically improve the thermal insulation of rigid ducting in domestic properties. The ranges include duct insulation, 90° and 45° bends, T pieces and plenums.

Rectangular and Round Ducting The Domus rectangular Range has three different sizes 110x54 / 204x60 and 220x90mm and consists of duct length, straight connector, 90º horizontal bend, 45º horizontal bend, horizontal T piece, 90º vertical bend, 45º vertical bend, end cap, wall plate, hose connector, in-line adaptor range and plenum.

The Domus round range has three different sizes 100 /125 and 150mm and consists of a telescopic assembly, duct, straight connector, damper and wall plate, 90º horizontal bend, 45º horizontal bend, T piece, Y piece, condensation trap with overflow, hose connector, flexi hose connector with threaded socket & spigot, in-line adapter range and plenum.

Flexible, Semi-Rigid and Acoustic Domus flexible semi rigid & acoustic ducting has a vast range for use in all types of application. Available in all ducting size from 110x54mm -150mm, the range includes hose, insulated hose and aluminium hose.

Domus Radial and Adapt Domus Radial semi-rigid duct systems can be up to 60% quicker to install, saving both time & money. Tested by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) for inclusion within the Product Characteristics Database (PCDB), Domus Radial offers performance levels that not only are the equivalent to traditional rigid ducting in smaller builds but also exceed these levels in properties with four or more wet rooms. This improved efficiency is due to increased air capacity which reduces noise and lowers duct air loss. In practice, the chosen MVHR or MEV appliance connects directly to the manifold using Domus rigid ducting. The manifold acts as an air distribution hub, each outlet evenly servicing a different room. Twin or single semi-rigid duct runs are securely connected to a plenum positioned in each room, terminating with an air valve or grille.

The simple design and layout makes the system ideal for both new and refurb projects. House-packs are available and are ideal for self-builders or straight-forward residential projects.

Domus Adapt is a unique and complete duct solution, which allows for simple connections between PCDB listed Domus Radial semi-rigid duct and standard PVC. The ability to combine large, rectangular rigid duct with the flexibility of Radial makes Domus Adapt ideal for MVHR and MEV application. It becomes a versatile solution to help overcome issues associated with a lack of installation space or tight void areas. It removes the need for a manifold in standard radial system and helps prevent complicated duct runs. Plug-and-play negates the need for traditional jointing

Other Products There are ranges of internal and external grilles, fire solutions and ducting ancilliaries also available.