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Solar PV & Battery Storage

Solar PV & Battery Storage

R.E.S have a diverse range of Solar PV systems, with our key partners being Solarwatt, Myenergi and Solaredge.

Solar PV generates electricity from sunlight using photovoltaic technology, in the form of a photovoltaic panel which can either be ground mounted or secured to a roof. Batteries can store excess electricity generated by panels. The stored electricity is then used throughout a home or business when the electricity demand is greater than the solar generation or during periods where electricity is not being generated e.g. at night.

Solar Panel Warranty

Solarwatt Glass-Glass Panels 30 years | Solarwatt Glass-Foil Panels 15 years with optional 5 year FullCoverage insurance plan.


When properly maintained, a solar array can last for around 20+ years.

Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

SEG is a government initiative whereby certain energy providers are required to make payments to small-scale generators for electricity exported back to the National Grid. Installations must be less than 50kW and installed by an MCS-certified contractor.