Not only is RES Distribution a Daikin UK Specialist Renewable Distributor, but it also partners many other market leaders in renewables including Vaillant Ground Source Heat Pumps and NuVision Energy Solar PV. These technologies can be combined with Domus MVHR systems to provide fully integrated, highly energy efficient solutions for the home and commercial buildings.

RES also also offers its Total MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) and Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) services to plumbers merchants’ and their customers as well as non-MCS accredited installers and regional housebuilders to take full advantage of renewable opportunities.

Daikin heat pumps run on a variety of renewable energy sources, including hybrid combinations, and are up to four times more efficient than traditional heating solutions. Using up to 75% renewable energy, Daikin heat pumps significantly increase energy savings and reduce the carbon footprint. With solar support they can offer added energy efficiency for the production of hot water.

There are three essential components to a heat pump – the outdoor unit (evaporator), the indoor unit(s) (condenser) and refrigerant which transfers the heat as it circulates between the outdoor and indoor unit (s). The evaporator extracts the energy from the renewable source by forcing the liquid to transform into a gas. The compressor compresses the gas, raising its temperature. The condenser exchanges the heat from the gas to the heating system and the gas returns into a liquid state. The expansion valve lowers the pressure of the refrigerant, which triggers evaporation and the cycle starts all over again. The cycle is simply reversed to cool the home.

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